Thank Your Customers

As we get closer to the end of the year, we tend to reflect. One of the things we all think about is the people who helped us and made our lives better. Of course, we think of family and loved ones, but don’t forget your customers.

Whether you own a business, manage an organization, or manage a function within your organization, you have customers – Make sure to thank them!

And when we think of customers, let’s remember that we often have internal customers – those within our organization we provide services to – and external customers – those who get to enjoy the products and services our organization provides as a whole.

Traditionally, the end of the year is the time to show gratitude – why not show gratitude to our customers? Thanking those who make what we do possible and relevant can be expressed in a variety of ways. Here are a few reminders:

  • Handwritten Notes: When was the last time you received (or sent) a handwritten note? It probably has been a while… Send a greeting card (holiday wishes or ‘Happy New Year’) and add a personal touch. If you have too many customers to make this practical, either split the list and ask others on the organizations to send some, or send personal notes to your best customers
  • Greeting Card: Whether printed or an email version, your customers will appreciate the gesture. If you can personalize the card by inserting their names, people will take notice!
  • Gifts: If possible, send a small gift with a thank you note to your customers. The gift does not have to be expensive – It can be a tangible item, but it can also be a coupon or another discount. Better yet, hand deliver the gift to your customers (or top-tier customers), if it is practical.
  • Visits: If this is possible, go to your customers (or top-tier customers), thank them in person and wish them a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year. If you are planning to give them a greeting card or a gift, take it with you. In today’s fast-and-digital world, a personal gesture like this is sure to make a lasting impression.

Nobody likes to be taken for granted, and we all like to know that we are appreciated. This holiday season, plan early and find a way to thank your customers for making it possible to do what you do.

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Duke Merhavy, MBA, Ph.D.
President & Chief Marketing Officer

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Marketing Lingo: “Value Proposition”

A value proposition is a statement containing the company’s promise to its customers of a unique and relevant benefit.

The value proposition is often the core statement from which all promotional content is derived. Its purpose is to communicate to the customer a reason to buy from the company, as well as to guide the company in making decisions aligned with this promise. Unlike the mission statement which is inward-looking, the value proposition is an outward-looking statement.

Derivatives of the organization’s value proposition exist in different forms and are used in a variety of places – The full version of a value proposition is almost never used ‘as is’ in promotional materials.

‘Marketing Lingo’ is a regular column in which we define, or otherwise explain, terms often used in marketing but not necessarily correctly or properly by some

Featured Client: Print & Imprint

Print & Imprint is a family-owned and operated business, dedicated to providing you with anything you may want to put your name on. With their network of resources, they can print any type of document or form, imprint any promotional item, and find the best apparel item you may need, while ensuring they are the right fit for your organization and marketing strategy. They are best known for their “customer service above all else” attitude.

Susan Wallace, the owner and president of Print & Imprint, knew her company needed a total marketing refresh to remain competitive and stand out. She chose Fractional CMO to lead this effort.

After reviewing the company and the competitive landscape, Fractional CMO worked with the company’s management on a complete re-branding. That included a new name, new logo and tagline, revised positioning, and a brand-new website.

Fractional CMO also started working on lead generating campaigns, as well as lead nurturing and regular client communications efforts – All part of detailed annual Marketing Plan. The uncommon superb customer service provided by Print & Imprint and the unique personality of the company are now made known to their clients and future clients.

If you are considering holiday greeting cards or ‘thank you’ gifts for your customers, check out their website by clicking here or by clicking on the paw on the right.

If you’d like to learn more about how Fractional CMO helped Print & Imprint and what we might be able to do for you, give us call at 888-412-2236 or click here.

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