Too Much Marketing

Mark Twain said, “Too much of anything is bad…” – This is true for marketing, as well!

I recently met with a very smart and experienced new business owner, and I asked her (as I ask all new clients): “What do you perceive to be your greatest marketing challenge?” Her answer was “There is just too much out there for me to choose from!”

She explained that she has been approached by all sorts of companies pressuring her to advertise on radio, TV, Pandora, the local newspaper, trade magazines, and more. She was also the subject of many phone calls and emails offering to design all kinds of websites, landing pages, apps, and portals. Social media experts and online review companies were not far behind… and the list went on. She wanted to know what do, and just as important to her was, what not to do – I told you she was smart!

We have a client who has a very capable marketing department. Their main problem is that they do too much. They have dozens of programs all going at the same time, and everything they do contains too much information and too many details.

The issue of doing too much marketing actually causes multiple problems – here are the most typical ones:

  • It spreads resources (people, time, and money) too thin, which causes stress and diminishes quality.
  • Too many programs overwhelm prospects and customers to the point of them shutting you out (literally or mentally), and even if they don’t, you might just confuse them with too many promotions to keep track of.
  • There is only so much information a prospect needs or wishes to know. Make sure to keep your presentations short and concise. Very long presentations will induce sleepiness no matter how much caffeine your prospect consumed that day!

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Duke Merhavy, MBA, Ph.D.
President & Chief Marketing Officer

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Marketing Lingo: “Marketing Attribution”

The process of identification and assignment of ‘credit’ (importance or contribution) to the marketing touch points that a customer was exposed to prior to their purchase decision or other desired action.

‘Marketing Lingo’ is a regular column in which we define, or otherwise explain, terms often used in marketing but not necessarily correctly or properly by some


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