How We Do It

We always start by asking questions about your business – past and present – and inquiring about the goals and vision of your business. We want to understand what you perceive to be the optimal future state of your organization and what you want to achieve over time. We then put a plan and budget together that are acceptable to you, and immediately turn to hands-on, carrying out the tasks required to ensure your vision is attained.

Discovery and Assessment of Marketing Needs

A marketing needs assessment is a process by which we explore what marketing activities are required to meet goals and achieve your vision. In addition, we assess the effectiveness of what has been done marketing-wise to date. If needed, we incorporate marketing research to gain insights regarding customers, brand perception, the competitive environment, and the opportunities and threats in the market to help with the assessment.

Strategy Formulation and Budget

To meet goals, we formulate an integrates and multi-faceted strategy and author an all-inclusive annual marketing plan with a budget. Whenever possible and appropriate, each marketing activity in the plan will include metrics to measure results and make adjustments as needed.


Once the plan and budget are acceptable to you, we immediately turn to hands-on implementation of the tasks required to ensure your vision is attained. Our experienced staff of marketing professionals will work with you to execute the plans. When it is necessary to engage highly-specialized professionals to complete specific tasks, we will tap our vast network of highly-qualified marketing experts. We will search, price, and select the right vendors; and then manage and coordinate the work these specialists do.

Unique, Hands-On, and Dedicated to Your Success

Fractional CMO & Marketing is unique and very different from every other company you have worked with before. Our staff is comprised of experienced marketing professionals who specialize in marketing for small and medium-sized companies utilizing best practices most suitable for them and their budgets.

Disruptive Model

Your vision and your in-house resources, combined with our marketing expertise and our vast network of top-notch marketing professionals, is a modern formula that speeds up growth and profitability for your business.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves

The unique arrangement with Fractional CMO & Marketing gives you all the benefits of having an in-house CMO and a marketing department that plan and implement, with accountability, your best interests in mind, and with a much lower financial burden – an arrangement like no ordinary consultants or agencies offer.

Part of Your Team

We become a part-time executive addition to your management staff. We meet with each client weekly and we bring real-world experience and perspective to crystalize strategy and manage implementation.

We knew that we needed a marketing plan but we had no idea how or where to start. We engaged Fractional CMO & Marketing and from the first moment we met, it was evident that he not only knew what he was doing from a marketing perspective but that he would perform as if they were on our regular payroll. Duke truly became one of our team members and has provided guidance and deliverables resulting in an outstanding new logo and soon, a whole new website.

Utilizing Fractional CMO & Marketing allowed us to create professional marketing tools and processes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house marketing department.

Meghan Uhl

Owner, Focal Point Security