The Clients We Serve

We are often asked “who is your typical client?” Most, expect the answer to include specific industries, company size, or annual revenue – We have a different explanation.

Most of our clients are established and successful organizations. The most significant common denominator to all, is that they realized and concluded that if they improved their marketing, they would accelerate growth and improve profitability.

Fractional CMO & Marketing’s clients come from a wide range of industries and locations, and we love working with all of them.

Here are additional common reasons organizations hire us:

  • Marketing is an afterthought or an occasional endeavor lacking strategy, planning, budget, and consistency
  • Marketing is handled as a ‘side-job’ by someone with other priorities within the organization
  • Past marketing practices are out dated and do not generate the results they used to
  • They need better and more efficient ways to generate qualified leads and convert them to customers
  • They cannot justify having their own full-time CMO and marketing department
  • Their in-house marketing resources are limited or non-existent
  • Working with typical agencies has been very expensive and proved to be helping the agencies’ bottom line more than theirs

Clients We Have Helped Over the Years

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Larger Businesses

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Not only I was impressed with how deep Duke was able to assess my company’s marketing needs, he was able to provide great feedback to a few of my customers, who all turned to be Fractional CMO & Marketing’s direct customers as well!

No doubt Fractional CMO & Marketing team and Duke’s years of experience are brought to the table in a simplified and affordable way!

Beits Livneh

President, Legal Technology Solutions