So, It Begins.

Although somewhat timidly, things around us are starting to relax. In-person meetings are being scheduled, customers are coming in, training classes are held with groups of people, and trade shows are practically everywhere again.

We all learned a lot over the past year-and-a-half or so. We know that productive meetings can be held virtually; and we learned how to successfully present and convey vital information online, sign documents online, order online, and sell online… online was certainly there for us, we learned many new abilities, and that’s great! We need not forget all of these new skills and new ways to do stuff, but we don’t have to be ‘stuck’ there. We should start to venture out again and meet people face-to-face and conduct business as humans have done for millions of years. Virtual presence and interactions have their role and advantages, and we should incorporate them into the repertoire of tools at our disposal.
Duke Merhavy
In business, generally, and marketing in particular, real human interaction is extremely valuable. So, take the proper precautions you see fit – but go see your customers, attend a tradeshow, and go out to lunch with colleagues.

The bottom line is this: We now are capable of conducting business both virtually and in-person. We have acquired new skills that allow us to do what we used to think was impossible. This is very good because we now can do even more than ever before.

Duke Merhavy, MBA, Ph.D.
President & Chief Marketing Officer

What Is Fractional CMO & Marketing?

Fractional CMO & Marketing is ‘Your Outsourced Marketing Department’ when you need expert marketing leadership and marketing services to accelerate growth and improve profitability, but you’re not quite ready to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer or your own marketing department.

Our unique arrangement is the most efficient, innovative, and cost-effective formula for you. Click on the image to the left to watch a short video.

We Help When You Need To:

  • Generate more of the right kind of leads
  • Close more sales faster
  • Get repeat sales
  • Formulate a more effective message
  • Produce powerful sales tools

  • Establish brand awareness, recognition, and preference
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Develop lasting relationships with customers
  • Introduce new products

Changing Logos

We are often asked by clients if it is okay to change logos. As time goes by, old logos might not correctly reflect the organization’s offerings or personality. Societal preferences, political winds, and other ‘environmental’ factors can also make a company’s logo look and feel dated.

Our answer is always ‘yes, it is okay to change the logo’. However, if that choice is made, we recommend the change be for good reasons, and the change would be thoroughly planned and implemented. Also, to maintain goodwill and brand recognition, we often suggest keeping the theme – or at least some elements – from the old logo when designing and deciding on the new one.

If you are like us, you will enjoy checking out the following examples of how famous logos have changed over the years:

Common Email Marketing Mistake: Not Having a “Roadmap”

By Ginger Mace, Editor and Producer

One of the most common email marketing errors organizations make is not having an outline for their email marketing, both across time (for example, quarterly or annually) and for each dispatch. Back in the day, we couldn’t access travel directions or maps on our phones or using the GPS in our vehicles. To make sure we knew where we were going, we turned to companies like Rand McNally and their road atlas books – the ones needing a large zone of coffee table space – that they sold. Agencies like AAA provided mural-sized paper maps that were neatly folded and fit perfectly in the glove box – that is, until we tried to fold them back up, which was a task that flummoxed even engineers and physics professors.

Despite needing an oversized briefcase or beach tote to fit the atlas in, and AAA’s maddening map-folding riddle, we relied on these tools, because they helped with planning, not getting lost, and making sure we arrived at our destinations. An email marketing “roadmap” gives you the same benefits as the literal ones we used to use. Yes, it does take some time to come up with the plan, but because we create these outlines with our clients, we can attest to the value of the exercise in terms of the topics and company events or milestones your email marketing will include, what you want to convey brand-wise, goals you wish to accomplish through this digital marketing avenue, and assessing how well you have reached those goals. Your emails will be more effective, your time spent more efficiently, and your company more successful when you outline the plan in advance. Fractional CMO & Marketing gets great results for our clients through email marketing, and we would be happy to discuss what we can do for you too.

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