10 Reasons to Call Insight Marketing Research Today

By Ginger Mace, Marketing Consultant

    1. Sales numbers are stagnant, or worse – dropping, and you are not sure what change in the marketing mix will make the most positive impact
    2. You are considering an adjustment to your branding, but not certain what path to take
    3. A new product (or change to an existing product) is being discussed and you want to have it tested before committing to it
    4. If it is not clear, in a multi-location establishment, why some perform better than others
    5. An opportunity to expand into additional markets has been presented, and a feasibility study could help you decide whether to pursue the opportunity or not
    6. New technology might be advantageous to your business, but you need to know if the costly investment is worth it
    7. When it looks like competitors are grabbing market share and you need to know how much they have taken and why
    8. A customer review and mechanism is needed, and you want to have it done right the first time
    9. Your salespeople are telling you that they cannot meet quota because _____ and you want to find out if this is a real issue
    10. You want to do any of the above but prefer not to devote revenue-generating staff to do so, or don’t want anyone else to know you are engaging in a quest to find out

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