Fractional CMO Mentioned In Forbes Magazine

At the end of last month, Forbes Magazine published an article about the concept of the “fractional CMO”. Kimberly Whitler, the author, was discussing the “growing trend” of companies hiring “outsourced”, “part-time” or a “fractional CMO” because they wanted a seasoned CMO on their executive team, but could not afford one.

Whitler, who interviewed several individuals, stated that this arrangement is “best fit for mid-market organizations that don’t need or can’t afford a permanent, full-time marketing leader but would benefit from the knowledge and strategic leadership that a short-term, experienced, and accomplished CMO could bring to the company.

We, at Fractional CMO (, have known for a while that outsourcing executive-level marketing expertise, to plan marketing activities and manage their implementation, is the right and most affordable way to go for many small to mid-sized companies. The companies contracting Fractional CMO have control over the scope and duration of the engagement, while getting expertise and outside perspective they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

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